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A brief introduction

VanosRepair specializes in BMW VANOS overhaul, supplier of all possible VANOS overhaul kits and the address for various BMW parts at a competitive price. We stand for reliability and supply only good quality parts such as BMW original, Beisan Systems, Elring, FEBI Bilstein, Victor Reinz and so on.

At VanosRepair, you don't have to doubt which brand to choose and whether it is the right choice. We have already made that selection for you and offer all of this at a very competitive price.

If you still have a question or can't quite figure it out, we are also here for you. Send your question to info@vanosrepair.nl 

CAUTION: We supply no parts from the far east. Unfortunately, the online supply of these products is vast and we want to warn you against making a wrong or disappointing purchase.

Which VANOS do I have?

Which VANOS do you need? Outsource overhaul, view assembly companies.

What are you looking for?

Some of our assortment: BMW parts, chain and distribution sets, remanufactured VANOS units, VANOS overhaul sets, new VANOS units, solenoid valves and solenoids, gaskets, retaining rings, DISA overhaul sets, crankcase ventilation PCV, ignition coils, valve covers, miscellaneous overhaul sets, O-rings, Timing tools, VANOS tools.

A brief explanation of VANOS


The BMW VANOS (Variable Nockenwellen Steuerung) is a unit that provides variable valve timing of the intake and/or exhaust valves. This variable valve timing is obtained by inducing a rotation of the camshaft by means of plungers/pistons combined with electrically controlled valves.

This way, BMW is able to generate the most ideal valve timing/camshaft timing at both low and high rpm.


The problems can be roughly divided into 3 main groups:

✓ The plungers/pistons have an internal oil leakage that prevents the correct number of degrees of camshaft rotation (reduced torque & performance, worse engine running and possible error codes in the engine management system).

✓ There is a rattling noise coming from the upper part of the motor due to excessive bearing play on the shaft(s) of the VANOS.

✓ VANOS solenoid valves malfunction causing the plungers/pistons to fail.


If you own a BMW 6 or 8 cylinder (gasoline) of the 1993-2006 model year that has driven more than 60,000 km, your VANOS has problems of which you are probably unaware.


✓ Increased fuel consumption (up to 10%).
✓ Reduced torque and power, especially in the area up to 3,000 rpm.
✓ Withholding/shocking of the engine in the lower load/rev ranges.
✓ Rattling engine noise coming from the upper part of the engine.
✓ Uneven power delivery with increasing engine speed.
✓ Poor and irregular idling.
✓ Poor drive-off behavior/buckling due to reduced power especially with air conditioning on.
✓ Idle "fetch" or even complete engine stalling in cold weather (M52TU 1998-2000).
✓ VANOS error codes in the engine management.